Mario Tomic - Tomy is a guitarist and music composer from Toronto,Canada.

He was born in the city of Split, 21 January 1975.

The first guitar was bought at age 13 and has since shown interest in music.

His first chords,musical notes,scales taught in the School of Guitar Split in which he went.

In parallel with the music he finished the Economy,management program in the University Split,

program is designed for musicians,athletes,artists.

And he finished and educational programs for computers.

Influenced by the musical genres:UK and US blues rock,UK progressive and 

psychedelic rock began playing in various groups.

By the mid-twenties generally performed in clubs and played music genres listed.

From his thirties he decided to compose personal music and the 

spread of musical interests in jazz fusion and ambient music.

Instrumental music that he composed had a good response at the global level and 

has been quite a few times on various charts of rock,jazz and ambient music.

Also some songs were also rewarded and the art of guitar.

Music of the musicians is present on a large number of the world's radio stations, 

top music sites,various magazines and similar media.

Various world's top digital distributors of music are issued music albums.

The musician has also composed and various music for television,documentaries and similar projects.

Musician except instrumental music and composes music that he sings or someone else.

The musician has performed at the European level solo or with the band at various clubs, 

theaters,festivals,outdoor concerts,and similar music venues and television.

In my mid-thirties musician Mario Tomic moves to live and work in Toronto in Canada.

Active playing,composing and performing musician continued its work.

The musician also works as a lecturer guitar privately or by engagement and held guitar workshops.

The musician is also a member of SOCAN,the Canadian Society of Composers

and also associations such as: PPL,UK Association for music rights and music licensing and Nielsen.

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