Mario Tomic - Tomy is the guitarist and 

music composer,songwriter and sometimes a 

singer from Toronto,Canada.

The musician plays and compose various 

kinds of progressive music:

progressive rock,progressive hard rock,

progressive heavy metal and fusion rock.

It is featured on various world radio stations,

in various music magazines and on music sites,

and similar media that deal with music.

Various renowned digital music distributors 

have released music albums.

The musician is actively playing at various

music events and concerts.

He is also the founder of the music group Rona.

Apart from personal music,the musician participates

in various projects from other musicians,as a guitarist 

at concerts and a studio guitarist.

Sometimes he is engaged in educational work

and teach guitar and holds guitar workshops.

It is included in program on Recording Arts Canada,

Digital Arts College.

He is an active member of  SOCAN,

Society of Composers,Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.

He is a member of Nielsen Canada,music global information,

data and measurement company.

He is member of Connect,Canadian music licensing company.